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I'm in love, with a fairytale...

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I'm in love, with a fairytaaale...

~  Alexander Rybak Fans  ~


ZOMFG!! GET ALEX'S NEW ALBUM EXCLUSIVE HERE!! This is the ultimate goody!!! *hyperventilate*


This is a place for fans of the winner of Eurovision 2009, Norway's Alexander Rybak, with his winning song Fairytale.

We welcome gossip, picspams, i c o n s, graphics, downloads, v i d e o s, and fanfictions...

I'll be posting all of my graphics and photos here, but everyone is welcome to add their own say. After all, the more the merrier.

Important: To get full access to everything available here, i.e. goodies, you w i l l need to join this community.

Just a few rules:

1. Please respect each other.
2. Please keep the topics Alex or Eurovision 2009-centred.
3. If posting multiple pictures, please put them under a cut.
4. Very important ~ please friend lock any 'goodies'!!!

Enjoy! :)